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Welcome to Davy Hollow
     We are a smalltime backyard farm in central Massachusetts and we are one of the very few Alpine Breeders in Massachusetts and on the East Coast. We also breed Nigerian Dwarves, and raise chickens. We lead the way in sustainable households, with a garden supplemented  with fresh milk and eggs. Thinking about adding a Goat to your family? Check out our selection. We breed our girls every fall and sell at least a few kids every spring.

     Here at Davy Hollow, we pride ourselves on happy, and healthy goats, but most of all, we pride ourselves on having the friendliest goats of any other breeder.

     This loveable breed is a great milker and companion. They are a hardy breed, good for all weathers, as well as being strong and smart for cart and pack training. A mid-sized breed, Alpines live usually about 11-15 years, but have been known to live longer. They can come in any color and have erect ears, and the only time they are noisy is around feeding time.

     A popular breed in New England for their small size and hardy nature, these dairy goats can compete for best milker even with the larger breeds. Small and very friendly, they rarely grow higher than knee height. More proportionate than other mini breeds, they live about as long as their larger counterparts and make great friends for larger lonely goats, horses, cattle, and sheep. Also great for 4H Projects that have young children.

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August 18, 2011 - We are now ALL over Facebook, Search for Davy Hollow's Backyard Farm for our fan page, or friend Davy Hollow to stay posted on all our updates, kids and pictures, and items for sale.

August 1st, 2011 - I decided to start a blog for the farm. Now I just got to find my voice so that I can have something on it. http://davyhollowfarm.blogspot.com/

July 16th, 2011 - We start up this site, with 3 does and 2 wethers, all with homes and names. Hope this site helps us get our name out there for the friendliest and most beautiful Alpines
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